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  9. Happy Birthday Sammy! 🎊🎊

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  12. Happy Birthday Mate! 

  13. On July 25th 6pm BST on Garry's Mod we shall be executing Order 66 in a 7 part large scale event to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the Impulse Star Wars RP sever. Take up your arms and get ready for the fall of the Jedi. You will get to re-visit your favourite scenes from the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Player Roles will be announced in the coming days. Hope to see you on the battlefield troopers!
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  17. Those who are easily shocked, should be shocked more often *Mae West*

  18. Wvu9Zu2.jpg


    G.O.A.T faction.

    Not all of them are dead. >_>

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      You mean,,, Jock, Jax, Liam, Wes, and Woody will avenge us all? 😄

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      Only one of those guys is in that picture! 😛

  19. Red snakes turkoman is slowly walking through the deep mud of Valentine, while he is looking closely at every new and old face of the town. He walks to the grave of Jack Reed and says : ,,Jack it has been a long time since you gone. I dont think you were pure evil but your mind got into your way. Into the way of your soul, it blocked the path of your spiritual growth. You laughed at the fact, that i had to hide back in the day because i was outnumbered. I told you for every warrior there comes the moment where he might have to be wise and hide in the shadows. Just like your men have to hide right now. Theres nothing to shame. I told you so. But you also told me things that turned out to be true. Nowadays it feels like I am the only one who still suffers from the loss of Isaac Banks. It seems like all these people hunt your men because of the money or satisfaction in victory. But i could care less about things like that. I just cant get over the fact that he died instead of that spineless woman. May the great spirit forgive all of your mistakes and guide you through a new path of life." Snake lays an arrow on Reeds grave and walks to the backside of the big saloon in Valentine. He sneeks into the saloon to gather information, so he walks upstairs and listens to a woman and a man he never saw. It turns out that the woman he is listening to is Jack Reeds wife. After a while he walks downstairs and tells her to come with him. He has no intention to hurt her but wants to find out all she knows. A few moments later after she declined he sees her walking to Reeds grave. He slowly follows watching her from a hill. He watches her kneeling at reeds grave when suddenly she picks up the arrow and snaps it in half. Snake bites his teeth, he knows its not the right moment but his anger takes control. He walks up to her, takes his lasso out and ties her up. When he puts her on her horse Ms Oconnor suddenly shows up with the man Jack reeds wife was talking to in the saloon. She tells Snake to release the woman, Snake attempts to ride off, after multiple missed shots at him he almost made it but Oconnor manages to hit him with a shot, so he falls off his horse. She is aiming at him, he starts aiming at her, when he hears another shot and starts shooting himself. The shot knocked him to the ground, he looks up and sees Marshal Carter, O connor and many other people around him, when suddenly Albert shows up on his Arabian pretending to bring Red Snake to the docs office. Snake whispers "Albert...Wapiti" and Albert takes off. Right when albert is almost around the corner, a shot hits red snake in the hip and makes him fall off the horse again. They carry him to the doctors office and arrest the two women for questioning. While his wounds are being treated, Snake thinks about what he should do next. First step would be to escape the docs office without any lawmen noticing, so he can recover which he couldnt do in Sissika. He has been there two times, he knows if he wants to recover from his injuries fast, he cant go to Sissika. So he waits until Doc Hawkins left and Tucker came back into the office. ,,Tucker.. close your eyes, i will try to run.." Tucker replies: ,,I have not seen anything, Red Snake" and leaves the office. Red Snake holds his hip while slowly crouching to the back door of the docs office. He is in a lot of pain but he knows he has no other choice. When he opens the back door he sees that nobody is guarding the back side just as he thought. He starts sprinting into the woods and falls down at the river near Valentine. It is night and he is now crouching slowly through the bushes trying to make his way to Wapiti. When he arrives at Wapiti he falls down and the local natives carry him to the tent of the medicine man. The wounds luckily were not too dangerous so Snake already feels stronger the next day. He knows its just a matter of time until people from valentine arrive at Wapiti and get themselves into trouble they are not looking for. So he decides to ride to Annesburg and take the train to Benedict point, near tumbleweed. He knows if there is a place he knows best it is the west. Even if they come here they couldnt have an advantage. The desert, the high mountains, the caves, Red snake knows his home. Arriving at Benedict Point he heads into south to set up a camp on a small island near his cabin. Suddenly he hears horse steps. One horse... two horses... three horses.. Red Snake takes a deep breath and loads his rifle, hiding in the bush aiming at the only entrance to the island down the hill. A horse slowly stops in front of him and he gets ready to aim for the head of the horse in order to have an advantage when suddenly he hears a man war crying. He knows that must be shadow bear so he walks out of the bush and sees Shadow bear, Tucker and Albert who were looking for him in the whole west. They tell him theres a wanted poster with his name on it and that they were looking for him for kidnapping, handing out a reward of 150$. Snake cant help but to laugh. He was two steps ahead. After a while Snake decides to walk into the direction of the tumbleweed stables, because he decided to travel to Van horn in order for his next step to be succesfull. When he arrives at the Stables he can see a big man and a woman searching for something. Of course he knew who they are looking for. He walks off and watches them from the top of a mountain. An hour later he thinks theyre gone so he tries to arrive at the stables again. His horse is gone when he arrives at the stables. So he decides to walk to benedict point, take the train to annesburg, travel to van horn and prepare the next step. But when he leaves the stables, the big man and the woman are slowly walking towards him on horses while having their rifles out. Snake quickly draws his Rifle, aims at their heads and slowly walks backwards down the hill, not letting them see his back for a second. They dont aim back or try following him. He knows there will be a reason for that. First reason could be, they just try to keep him near them, because they want to trick him or because they know in a few moments more horses will arrive and help them. He manages to have a good distance to them and starts running towards the direction of Benedict pt. The train ride is long and exhausting. The people look at snake like he would be a cougar in a train. When he arrives in Annesburg he steals a horse and rides off to Van Horn. He tries to find Mr Red, Douglas and maybe Fire lady in Van Horn but nobody is there but locals. He walks into a broken house, with rats in the corners and sick people sleeping on the floor and falls asleep sitting. He hears them complaining about infections because of the ship work so he starts gathering herbs from the surrounding forest and fields. He starts treating their wounds with certain mixed herbs and makes sure they have enough for the week. ,,Tell Mr. Red, Red Snake helped you" he tells them before getting on the stolen horse and riding off into the direction of Rhodes. Near rhodes he sees albert and tells him about his plan: ,,I will walk to the Sheriffs office in rhodes, wait for Jamie Lee and ask her if she can keep me in her cell until i can talk to Marshal Connor Butler. I dont want him to forget that i did a crime in the eyes of white mens law. I want him to be fair with me. I attempted to kidnap a woman who knows many valuable things and got shot in the back by a woman that doesnt deserve to breath anymore and knows where the murderer of her husband is hiding. Also that way i can make sure, that i dont have to slaughter any poor people who decide to go after me for the 150 dollars." ,,Are you sure this will work?" Albert asks him doubtfully. ,,I think so. I know Connor Butler for a long time, way before he worked for the law. We come from the same home. We were hunting grizzlies and cougars together. He will not treat me worse because of my skin. I trust him, i know I can." Snake replies as he climbs on top of the roof waiting for Ms Lee to arrive. Will his plan work out? Or will he spend another long time in Sissika?
  20. Thank you so much! 🙂 i appreciate your words and it feels good to hear that i can provide good rp for you ! Looking forward to every other RP moment with you and all others Whenever you decide that we shall go into tall trees again to hunt grizzlies with bow and arrow, ill be there ! haha Thank you too! ❤️
  21. A picture from simpler times. Thank you for all the memories, 6 months with extensive and up close RP with this club has been amazing. Grateful they let me ride out and die beside them. #RIPRMC ❤️



    1. Plaaank


      Best RP I ever had.

  22. HAU! Red Snake and his many other characters never fail to provide quality roleplay. His roleplaying ability is diverse and he can clearly throw himself into a variety of characters. He is of course most well known for his role as Red Snake, the native american. This character has been around a long time and has an extensive history, all of which he documents on the forums which is a nice touch. His Red Snake story posts are always interesting to read because we of course don't know about everything that he does! I look forward to roleplaying with him more in the future, you and many others like you are doing this community proud and reminding us every day why we decided to open up a whitelisted RedM server. I'll never forget the the time that I got attacked by a bear and Red Snake carried me all the way from Manzanita Post to Blackwater whilst I continuously talked about the size of my 'elk' 😂 Thank you @RedSnakeInadunai ❤️
  23. A roughly dressed man sits down in the Saloon, grunting as he orders coffee, looking around at the other patrons. "My story huh? You really want to hear it? It's a short story, but one full of adventure, nah" He grunts, continually looking behind him towards the stairs leading upstairs. In a barely intelligible accent, Brom begins to grumble through his story. "Born in the Bayou of Louisiana, nah" He grumbles, nodding, "Mama and papa raised me right, had my brother a few years later. Anders is his name" He sips at his coffee. "Huntin' Crockadillies for a livin', big ol' things. Sold their teeth, scales, meat, to the fancy folks in the cities" He mumbles on about how tough and gritty Alligator meat is, before continuing. "Moved closer to the city of New Or'lins, that's where I met my lady love." Brom flashes an ugly smile, his eyes soft for the first time. "Ursula, the light of my life, nah" He looks down at his coffee, "Sold her bones and teeth, her particular business required quite a few of them each week. Needed for charms, hexes, knucklebones, runes.." He trails off, looking behind him again at the stairs. His face returns to his regular gruff self, scratching his beard. "Anyway, her mama wanted her to marry some fancy pancy rich boy from the French Sector" He scoffs, "Yeah right, my Ursula has a mind of her own." His dreads fall over his face before being flicked away. "That's how we ended up in this county here, nah" Brom motions around to where he's sitting. "Had to get away from the city, so we saved our monies up and took a very long train ride to Valentine, here." He rubs his buttocks, as if remembering the ride. "Now we live here, my brother is on his way, and we're getting started in a new land, nah!" He says with conviction, slapping the table and downing what's left of his coffee. He turns around one last time, all tension leaving his shoulders and an audible sigh comes from his lips as he stands from the table. He flashes one last smile at you, slapping down a few dollars. "See you around, friend" before taking the arm of a beautiful dark-skinned woman coming down the stairs, her head leaning on his shoulder as they slip out the back of the saloon into the night.
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  25. Happy birthday dude! 😁🥳

  26. While playing Elite Dangerous, @Fabsy managed to knacker his wee spaceship. While @Patch went and phoned the AA, I decided to get up close and play some rock, paper, scissors. 😄




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