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  2. Name: 101st Commander Berry Playermodel: models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/41st_commander/41st_commander.mdl Description of Request: (edit) a robotic arm as a full replacement for a lost arm (Full left arm)
  3. I'd love RP jewelry. Engaged? Engagement rings. Wedding bands. Etc. And i agree. People do jump to that conclusion of "you are a grave robber" because you have jewelry.
  4. Last week
  5. This could be a good idea as long as the pieces are expensive in the store as to not be abused by buying them cheap and selling them for more at the buyers. I do think that if people are jumping to the idea that jewelry has been obtained through illegal means without the proper rp reasoning behind it that it is kind of meta-y.
  6. Could the already existing Jewellery items be added to SD/BW general stores as rp items. Have them as being quite expensive though. This way people don't need to get them through illegal ways as I think its a rp item that should exist outside of the grave-robbing mechanic. This could also give the law some more investigating to do when people are seen distributing jewellery as it will be hard to figure out if they are just buying items from the stores or getting them through robbing graves.
  7. Yes but i just dont know if making more channels is the way just because its more to monitor and more channels on top of our current ones, Maybe if we could tag area's to notify people or something, Its a hard one.
  8. While I understand that completely and agree with you, yes the ability to leave the actions in the server needs to happen, but until that is able to happen surly this is a decent solution to actions potentially getting lost and for the ease while role playing. Once the ability to leave actions in the server is implemented then the channels can be easily removed.
  9. I agree and do not at the same time just due to the fact it just means more channels when we should be looking to not having to use discord anymore for anything, The ability to leave ''IC Actions'' in the server is what needs to happen.
  10. Happy Friday!!!

  11. I was thinking when in rp sometimes it can be hard to find IC actions relevant to where you are. So I thought that maybe you could have an IC action tab in the discord for the different towns. Then you can just go to the relevant tab and see things you would see while in that town.
  12. Happy Thursday 💙

  13. i have been to therapist but it hasent helpt me... im staring to feel more and more sick and some times even feel chest pain and my heart starts to beat fast.

    my suicidal thoughts are just getting worse and worse i feel... i know im overracting alot but right now i have never felled this shit since i dont even know.

    my head hurts alot as well and now i im stating to hate my parents...i have never done that before but right now im not even comfortable at home. 

    i feel like i would just need an therapist daily cuz everytime i have been there that day is ok or good but the next day is not the same sometimes better some times worse but...idk

    i hate spamming stuff like this here on impulse cuz this is non of ur business and i dont wanna waste peoples time.

    so this could either be my last post here  or i will try to shut up.

    this time i made it short...but otherwise take care everyone!

    1. MissSBennett


      If you do stop posting on here I’m sure there are plenty of people in this community that have their DMs open if you want to talk, myself included! If you need an outlet to get this stuff out I’m sure we will listen! You take care of yourself dude 🧡

    2. Emsi


      You know where to find me if you need to chat 💙

  14. Happy Wednesday 🧡

  15. Things potentially to add Stable - No horse buying option (Hidden if possible) General Store (Hidden if possible) Gun store with higher prices (Hidden if possible) Just some of the things that could possibly be added to it, the buildings are there for it and it would give criminal and others just hiding from someone another place that they could use and give them a alternative to Van Horn.
  16. Some of these I like the idea of certainly the peaches since there is a can of peaches animation which would be nice to use I’ll look at implementing some soon
  17. Love both the Characters! Tony did a mad job!
  18. I like how Tony tries to be the nice guy in every situation lol and again Every time I bump into a character of Wrighty's it is always fun and each character is different which is great to see.
  19. Both these players deffo deserve this. And Wrighty for sure, for many of his characters and all the roleplay he brings to the server. Different stories and everything. And Tony is always such a sweetheart to be around. Jasmine enjoys his company!
  20. Here is my list. xD But its basically the same as @Aethelwulfuk list. :3 Chocolates Candy Flowers Cheese Peaches Pears Cocaine Gum
  21. I really wished I got the chance and would have been fun to see all hell break loose. Was very enjoyable and look forward to more scenarios like this!
  22. Had to use 4 gun oils to get my super rusty lemat back in action, seems excessive.
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