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    You thought you could escape me, your efforts were futile.

  4. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Happy birthday my dude.

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  7. Ah yeah we do have a status system in game but it is command based. /setstatus and /status to show your status to players I thought about doing it when coming in contact with a player but wasn't sure at the time this is something I can look into. Thank you for the suggestion.
  8. - I've seen this on other RedM servers. I was wondering if there was a way to make a status, I've heard that something similar to a status system is in our RedM server but I don't know if its used the same way that I'm thinking of and if it is I don't think anyone uses it. If it isn't implemented already, have a system where we can make a status to our names when we come across other players. For example: "You notice McCoy is wearing a bloody stained bandage on his left leg." <-- This would happen when we come in contact range of another player. "You notice McCoy has a large scar on his right arm." <- This would happen when we come in contact range of another player. - I appreciate any feedback at all, just had this idea because it would definitely strengthen the RP feeling on RedM.
  9. The Mad Queen Is here

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Hope everyone is doing well

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  13. Hello, hope you all have a wonderful time in these hard times!

  14. Hello! This small guide will mainly be about clearing your FiveM cache or removing corrupted files in your GTA5 Directory. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grand Theft Auto V Verifying. With the amount of reports people either falling through the ground entering MLO's, this might be caused due older GTA/FiveM Files fighting with the new files so it's always good to have a clear cache folder to erase this issue. Verifying game file integrity can resolve several different types of issues as well as making sure that the game and supporting files are up to date. You can verify the files using the following steps: Let's start with step 1. STEAM USERS STEP1: Verifying your GTA files. STEAM users can do this by opening their Steam Library and browse Grand Theft Auto V. Right click Grand Theft Auto V and go to Properties. You should now be seeing a new box looking like this: Now, navigate to Local Files and select "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES...". This will search and fix corrupted/missing files for Grand Theft Auto V. Let it run until it's finished. ROCKSTAR USERS Sign in to the Rockstar Games Launcher and then navigate to Settings. Select the Grand Theft Auto V. Select Verify Integrity under Verify game file integrity from the options on the right. **NOTE: Users who have L.A Roads installed (30GB package), will have to reinstall L.A Roads as they will be gone!** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Clearing your FiveM Cache. STEP2: Press Windows Key + R and type in: %appdata% as shown on the picture: Once you are in your AppData folder, navigate back one folder and open "Local". Inside of Local you want to find your FiveM folder. Open your FiveM folder and then open Application Data Folder. It should be looking something like this: "Users > USERNAME > AppData > Local > Fivem > FiveM Application Data". Delete the caches.xml. This will redownload everything from the server and have a clean FiveM Cache, which usually results into either better performance or less hickups.
  15. Hello, we here at Impulse RP welcomes you to our FiveM Server! This guide is mainly made for people who are totally new to the FiveM Community as it might be different to either other platforms such as RedM/Star Wars and many other games but it might also help you eventhough you have been playing FiveM for a long time! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: So, I just got whitelisted to the FiveM Server and have no idea where to start. What do I do? A: As you join the server, you will be welcomed with a screen like this: Press ENTER to start making your character(s) or choose character(s). Once you have selected to create a character you will be prompted with this: Once all filled in, you will proceed to the next step which is making an outfit for your character. See screenshot below: From here on, you will have the choice to have a Default MP Character or you will be able to choose a ped using the MODEL and browse through them to see which suits your character the best and which would make the most sense as well. As for the Default MP Character, you start with "FACE". Texture will change the skin color and ITEM would change your face structure. Next what you want to do is head to the CLOTHING tab to pick what style of hair you would like, beard etc. To zoom into your character to have a better view for making your face, pick a shirt or leggings & shoes, you click on the top icons and it will zoom in onto the sections you want to adjust on your character. With shirts in FiveM, you will want to change your arms so your arms are not clipping through your hoodie or are even invisible. Play around and find what suits to your character! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: I've picked appropiate clothing for my character and have now spawned in. What do I do now? A: So you have created your character and have spawned in but you are struggling with finding keybinds to access your phone, inventory, additional menu's to aid your RP, this will help you! As you spawned in, you will be given a Phone and ID. Those can be accessed using "F2" to go to your inventory. Q: What are those numbers on the top in your inventory? A: Those are keybinds to your keyboard to access those items without opening your inventory. Q: How do I access my phone? A: Pressing "F1" will bring up your phone where you will be able to place Ads, check your mails, etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: How do I use my voice in-game? A: First you want to set up your Voice Chat in your GTA Settings, these can be accessed within FiveM too! To make it real quick, there will be an option to "Restore Default" at the bottom of the list, click that and it will automatically activate all required options to have your voice chat working in-game! I will advise you to also check if you have the correct Output and Input devices selected. Q: I have set up my voice chat settings, how do I speak in-game now? A: The FiveM default push to talk key is "N". You will be able to tell if you are speaking or not when you see the icon light up on the bottom right of your screen as shown on the screenshot: Q: Can I change the range of my voice? A: Yes! Press the "DELETE" key and it will adjust your voice range. Q: Will there be radios? A: Yes! However, additional settings have to be adjusted to get them working to your prefered keybinds! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: Is there a option menu for quick access tools? A: Yes! HOLDING "Z" will pop up a wheel where you will be able to navigate through with your mouse. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: Is there a emote menu where I can change my walking style and so on to suit my character? A: Yes there is! Type /emotemenu and this will bring up this menu where you will be able to choose your emotes, walking style etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: I have lost my ID along the way playing. How do I achieve a new ID? A: We have a City Hall where you will be able to purchase a new ID. Please see screenshots: Once you arrived, you enter the building and right infront of you will be the desk you are wanting to go to buy your new ID. Q: Do I need a drivers license? A: Yes! You can get your drivers license at the City Hall just next to where you grab your new ID. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This guide might update along the line so expect changes. Please do not hesitate to give input on this and on what you would like to be seeing on here! Thank you for playing on Impulse RP FiveM Server!
  16. This section is under development for the Coruscant RP Star Wars server. If you are interested in learning more please contact Robbo or a member of Star Wars staff.
  17. Jabba

    Law Payment

    It's currently: Deputy - $5 Sheriff - $10 Marshal - $15 Every 30 minutes.
  18. PunxGal

    Law Payment

    It's a very small thing but I realised that Deputies and Under Sheriff's get payed $5 when Sheriff's get payed $15. I think this would make more sense: Deputy: $5 Under Sheriff: $10 Sheriff: $15 I think it may just balance it a little more.
  19. "God gives us life and takes us away as He sees fit." ~ Johnny Cash

  20. Happy birthday my G 🙂

  21. Would it be possible to have bandanas that you can pull up over your face like men have?
  22. Pleasseee add wagons, for hunting.. bounty hunting, even just a personal even if its a ridiculous price, as much as i love yoinking a locals wagon for my carriage comp.. im sure the law wouldnt..
  23. increase rock resource yield, lower rock spawn rates. i dont want to mine 2-4 days (2h) to get my inventory full. i think its would be better if you get like 5-10 ore or even more in one rock. rocks can also increase in mining time, but i think 1-3 ore is to low. mining 15 rocks is ok to get your inv full, i would prefer 5-10 rocks. also maybe let roks drop more than one ore (rock = 5 coal, 3 iron, 1 silver/gold)
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