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Donate to Impulse RP

You are donating towards the community, you will not be refunded for any donation received. You are not paying for a product such as queue priority, this is a thank you perk. There is no recommended amount, we appreciate all donations!


Where will my donation go?

Your donation will go directly to paying for the dedicated servers that host our website, Teamspeak, and Impulse RP game servers. As we continue to move forward, donations will also be used to expand and improve Impulse RP. We are a non profit community, meaning your donations will only be used towards the upkeep and development and improvement of our community and services.


What do I get as a donator?

We currently have 3 different game servers and they all have different tiers of donations which can be found below. Alongside them, you will receive perks on the forums no matter which of our game servers you donate to. 

You will have to donate the group amount in a single payment in order to qualify for a donator group. However if you donate £25 and then a week later drop another £25 we will allow you to stack to the £50 donation tier providing they are within the month you have donated.


Forum Perks


Donator - £10

- Profile Banner on the forums

- Purple Name on the forums


Exalted Donator - £25

- Profile Banner on the forums

- Purple Name on the forums


Legendary Donator - £50

- Profile background on the forums

- Sparkling light purple name


Lifetime Donator - £150

- Profile Video & Background on the forums

- Sparkling yellow name


FiveM Donations

Please be aware that any cars or assets you receive as a gratuity for your donation are not to be transferred or given away to other players. 

You will keep your donator vehicle over the duration of time that you have donated (eg, you donated £25 you will keep the car for 3 months, if you donate again, you will keep the car for a further 3 months). 

If you donate each month you cannot stack vehicles however we will give you the option to swap your vehicle.

With regards to the housing donations, you can give out keys however you cannot sell the house in any matter, anyone caught doing this will have the money removed.


Donator - £10

- Profile Banner on the forums

- Purple Name on the forums

- 1 month queue priority (Level 1)

- Custom in-game name colour on the server


Exalted Donator - £25

- All previous perks 

- Additional character slot

- Low range vehicle of your choice (Contact staff to view vehicles on offer) or an apartment room (Ask for details)

- Name in our in-game appreciation announcer

- 3 month queue priority (Level 2)


Legendary Donator - £50

- All previous perks (Except vehicles do not stack)

- A custom ped of your choice (Quick approval required)

- Custom in-game name colour 

- Mid-range vehicle of your choice (Contact staff to view vehicles on offer) or a house (Ask for details)

- 6 month queue priority (Level 3)


Lifetime Donator - £150

- All previous perks (Except vehicles do not stack)

- 2 Additional character slots

- x3 donator vehicles of your choice (High, medium or low)

- High tier apartment/house

- Lifetime queue priority (Highest priority above all donators)


*To view properties in game type /togglehomes

*Staff have a list of all vehicles, or you can find this on our discord!


RedM Donations


- Tier 1  - Pick one (£25)

-Kladruber - Black 

-Tennessee Walker - Gold Palomino

- Kentucky Saddler - Buttermilk

- Gold And Black Decorative Saddle

- Black Saddle With Brown Fur & Teeth


Tier 2 - Pick one (£50)


- Breton - Seal Brown

- Hungarian Half Bred - Piebald Tobiano

- Andalusian - Rose Grey

- Pale Blue Decorative Saddle

- Gold Saddle With Brown Fur

- Leopard Fur Decorative Saddle


Tier 3 - Pick Two (£150)

- Criollo - Bay Frame Overo

- Turkoman - Gold

- Arabian - White

- Alligator Skin & Teeth Saddle

- Engraved Brown Leather & Gold Saddle




*We are looking to introduce queue priority in the coming days, anyone who donates prior to this will receive it upon introduction.


Star Wars Donations


Bronze Tier (£5)

- Clone Wars Republic Commandos

- HK47

- T3-M4

- Wookie


Silver Tier (£10)

- Atin (RC-3222)

- C-3PO

- Darmen

- Fi

- Fixer

- R2-D2

- Scorch

- Sev

- Padme


Gold Tier (£15)

- Boss

- Chewie

- Ewok

- Niner

- Assassin Guard


Platinum Tier (£20)

- Anakin

- Mace Windu

- Master Yoda

- Obi-Wan Kenobi



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