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  1. Happy Birthday!🥳

  2. Happy Monday boyssssssssss


  3. Happy Wednesday.

  4. I cant wait to use these xD
  5. how do i find my teamspeak name to fill in my application 


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    2. InvisibleCavo


      You should be able to find this in Tools>options>myTeamspeak

    3. Revivecry1992


      is team speak somthing you download cos when i got to the link provided it does nothing so should i just get team speak off google


    4. InvisibleCavo


      its a seperate application yeah

  6. Happy birthday Chief daftyhat!

  7. Happy Birthday bruv ❤️ 

  8. Happy birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday mate have a good one ?

  10. Happy birthday mate! ??

  11. Happy Birthday!

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