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  8. Hello and thank you for choosing our server to roleplay on ? If you are new to the world of Roleplaying here are some helpful tips and tricks on our server. The Beginning - Pick yourself a name to build your legacy on, You are fresh off the train outside our job center why not pop inside and choose from a range of jobs on the server? Link here for job guides - https://lossantosliferp.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-guide/ So now what? People regularly get stuck at this part.... Have you met anyone while on the streets? is there anyone hosting a open party you can go to and begin to meet new people? When down in the Lavender Showroom why not strike up a conversation with the guy in line with you? The factions... who are these group of people and can I join them? The answer depends mostly on your RP and relationship with a faction. Does being a biker take your fancy? Start up a conversation with them, they may be scary but ask do they mind if you tag along on a rideout with them. Do you want to set up your own faction? Whats its backstory? Who is in it? Why is it relevant? When you set one up you will open new worlds of roleplaying within the city. Previously where you may have been told no sorry you could be ask to participate and help your friends in another faction. Link to apply for a faction is here - If you need any further help or pointers use /report ingame or join the Support Waiting Room on Teamspeak and a member of Staff will be happy to help you to the best of their abilities.
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