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  1. So this goes out to both @Wrighty and @Dnamixup The roleplay that went on in that jail cell was top notch. From the story spinning from Wrighty to save his own skin and the ability to try to remain neutral and fair from Tony. We all expect high levels of roleplay on the server and that was a shining example to both players. Great stuff boyos
  2. We've all lost our horses from wolves /bears etc and just waited till restart and role played the stable hands retrieved the horse. Would it be possible to have like a $20 horse retrieval fee from the stables for the work they went out to get the horse?
  3. Please comment below for an item you would like to see in the General Stores Please note it is not guaranteed to be added in.
  4. Again as stated above we take all suggestions on board. In regards to anything else that is not a suggestion for the server/community if you join a support channel to discuss any of your other points myself and another staff member will be more then happy to discuss your concerns.
  5. Hello Red, So some answers to your points you have brought up there. 1. If you are robbing a store or doing any sort of crime you should be realistically doing it for your storyline and not just a money grind. If someone robs a store at 4am when no one else is around were is the fun with that kind of thing and the same with remote stores. 2. In regards to your friend being hung that was his decision and he was even messaged about it in the looc chat informing him that the option he very willingly selected would result in a character perma and he had the chance in which to change the outcome of that himself. Also while he was waiting in the cell there was roleplay on and off with myself and himself where he willingly gave up alot of information about the group and they're further activites which I will not repeat here. 3. If you mention to people about burning them in the fire as a sacrifice to your holy goat and that gets out naturally your group will all be seen as mass murderers and the law players on the server will act accordingly to the law which they have to enforce once they have the reasonable evidence in which they need to act upon that information they have. Please bare in mind all of the above which you have mentioned and also other points addressed by Wrighty and QuestionBox are spoke about by the RedM staff team and suggestions by people are discussed and there may be changes once a decision has been reached by the staff team. If you have any further suggestions please feel free to submit them 🙂
  6. So its something I seen on a FiveM server a while back Basically the idea behind it would be a player would do the /command and anyone within a certain radius of walking towards them would get a little pop up on their screen "You notice Fionn is holding his shoulder and has a dirty bandage with blood dripping through it" or "You notice Doc has a black eye on his right eye which is half closed from swelling" Could be a good little roleplay enhancer and not have to do /me all the time.
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    @arfarisat If you're about at the moment can you come to a support channel?
  8. So I would like to really commend the unique character @Connor_ plays on RedM. A christian preacher who enjoys spreading the word of god and his holy seed. A donkey stealing pun using character its really different from most of what is currently seen on the server. FOUL!
  9. Hey just occured to me, To have an official illegal job of grave robbing. Could be a reason to buy a shove and possibly dig up jewelry or some valuables and then have to bring them to a certain black market seller Would love some thoughts on this
  10. what are you doing here, you sneaky bastard

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  11. Happy Birthday my cause supporting brother ?

  12. Happy birthday mate

  13. Happy birthday, welcome to the auld cunt team!

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