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  1. Happy birthday my G 🙂

  2. Name EOD MJR 2950 Harris Model: bf2_reg_clonetrooper_sm_eod_major Description of Request: These two Images added to the left (when looking from the front) side of my helmet (can provide image files if needed) Rough sketch:
  3. Happy birthday to the one true Steve Stevenson @Ashjones

    1. Ashjones


      Thank you dude

  4. Why don't you love me?

    1. Plaaank


      Nobody likes the Danish!

  5. i don't think i've heard of this guy, is he the one who plays Steve Stevenson?
  6. you a mega mong

    1. Strielka


      OK dude, luk fanden!


  7. Happy birthday @Ezek you lil bitch

  8. Happy birthday

    1. MagzOnGfuel


      Thank You!! 


  9. This is my favorite picture

    Smukke dutch2.png

  10. Vote for Steve Stevenson

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