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  1. It’s October! 🎃 👻 💀 


    That is all.


  2. Happy Sunday you beautiful people

  3. 🔥Happy Tuesday! 🔥

    1. HighDeLorean


      it's Friday Kappa


    2. MissSBennett


      You wish lad

  4. While I understand that completely and agree with you, yes the ability to leave the actions in the server needs to happen, but until that is able to happen surly this is a decent solution to actions potentially getting lost and for the ease while role playing. Once the ability to leave actions in the server is implemented then the channels can be easily removed.
  5. Happy Friday!!!

  6. I was thinking when in rp sometimes it can be hard to find IC actions relevant to where you are. So I thought that maybe you could have an IC action tab in the discord for the different towns. Then you can just go to the relevant tab and see things you would see while in that town.
  7. Happy Wednesday 🧡

  8. Happy Monday! 😁

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  10. Happy Saturday!! 😁

  11. Happy Sunday everyone ❤️

  12. Happy Monday everyone!

  13. Hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday! 😁❤️

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