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  1. Here you can request a customised pack outfit for your character. Once you have posted a PAC3 Creator shall get in contact to further discuss your request and create it how you would like. All requests should be sensible and in line with what you would see in the Clone Wars and Star Wars in general. All requests shall require approval of Robbo. In your request please post: Name: Playermodel: (E.g. 101st trooper) Description of Request: (MAKE THIS AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE) (E.g. thermal grenade and bacta grenade on belt, picture of droid on shoulder, knife on arm etc) (You could also provide a rough picture)
  2. Name: Bacta Grenade on belt Price: 10,000 in game credits
  3. Name: Thermal Detonator on belt Price: 10,000 in game credits
  4. Name: Knives on chest Price: 10,000 in game credits
  5. Name: Valken-38 on back Price: 10,000 in game credits
  6. Name: Z6 on back Price: 10,000 in game credits
  7. Name: Knife on shoulder Price: 10,000 in game credits
  8. Name: DC15-s on back Price: 10,000 in game credits
  9. The below are a standard PAC outfits available to you in game. Each outfit has: - A Name - An image - A Price - A Description
  10. PAC3 allows you to begin to customize your character to the way you want to by using an in game features. We have a small team of PAC3 creators who are working hard behind the scenes to bring you some interesting creations. To unlock PAC to be able to use it a one time donation of £5 will be required. Then, PAC outfits are purchasable in game using in game credits by speaking to an 'Armorer' who will be played by one of our PAC creators. Once purchased they will pass this information to Robbo who will provide you a link to your outfit which you can enable in game. There is a list of PAC creations available to view in the Standard PACs Thread. You can also request a personalised / custom creation specifically for your character in the Custom PACs Thread. Terms and Conditions (subject to change): 1. Any use of PAC creations that are not provided by the Impulse RP staff team is a bannable offence. 2. Any abuse or misuse of the PAC system is a bannable offence.
  11. COMING SOON - Customisable Armor!! Through the PAC3 system you will soon be able to customise your character to your liking. This will allow us to do things like adding, knives to shoulder pads, guns, robotic limbs etc. We will need a team of editors who are willing to create these custom models for people. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team please send me a PM.
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileJazzyChimpanzeeEagleEye https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleFitOysterWutFace https://clips.twitch.tv/FantasticHelpfulPterodactylSMOrc Some of my favourite moments so far 😄
  13. Robbo

    Jack Han

    Welcome to the community 😄
  14. On May the 4th 6pm BST we shall be hosting a large scale Geonosis based event so you can experience what it was like to be a clone trooper rescuing the Jedi Order within the Geonosis colosseum. Take up your blasters with fellow troopers across 4 maps. Be hooked to your seat with your hands stuck you your keyboard! There will be a series of events all day on May 4th as always but don't miss out on our 6pm event 😄 May the force be with you.
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