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  1. v1nR

    Hidden Butchers

    If they are moved every once in a while it means the people that actually hunt will know the trends of where the butcher will go if you ask me it provides more RP, just means people cant camp a hidden butcher cause they pay more they will actively need to go and look for them people should know the locations of this butcher the whole time, plus its a travelling trapper so would make sense for the trapper to move around, and it works with what has been said in character about them moving away if too many people come and see them.
  2. Things potentially to add Stable - No horse buying option (Hidden if possible) General Store (Hidden if possible) Gun store with higher prices (Hidden if possible) Just some of the things that could possibly be added to it, the buildings are there for it and it would give criminal and others just hiding from someone another place that they could use and give them a alternative to Van Horn.
  3. 3 Men on a mission to get back home from Mexico after a crazy adventure in Mexico
  4. v1nR

    Hidden Butchers

    I have recently noticed that a lot of the hidden butchers are being found and used pretty often, When I found one it was something I only told about 2 people as I always said if they get a lot of visitors they will go into hiding or change location, maybe we should change these locations again and then keep them rotating in the future to keep the hunters on top of their game and having to track these locations down every so often.
  5. Jabba

    The Protestant Boys are loyal and true
    Stout hearted in battle and stout-handed too
    The Protestant Boys are true to the last
    And faithful and peaceful when danger has passed
    And Oh! they bear
    And proudly wear
    The colours that floated o'er many a fray
    Where cannons were flashing
    And sabres were clashing
    The Protestant Boys still carried the day


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