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    Law Payment

    It's currently: Deputy - $5 Sheriff - $10 Marshal - $15 Every 30 minutes.
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  4. I don't think lowering stamina will accomplish this. Even at the regular pace, without sprinting, it doesn't take much time to travel. I think we need to try and promote people travelling at a walking pace. Most people travelling on horseback, don't sprint, they use the horse to travel long distances and note tire themselves. If people sprinted their horses around all the time, they would need to rest them at stables, water them regularly, and feed them. If people travelled at walking pace, it would take 30 minutes to get from Valentine to Strawberry. It makes it an actual journey, and depending on what time you leave, you would have to camp overnight. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything mechanically we can do to avoid this, but perhaps if we try and set RP examples; people will follow. I think it's up to us to set these examples.
  5. Jabba

    The Protestant Boys are loyal and true
    Stout hearted in battle and stout-handed too
    The Protestant Boys are true to the last
    And faithful and peaceful when danger has passed
    And Oh! they bear
    And proudly wear
    The colours that floated o'er many a fray
    Where cannons were flashing
    And sabres were clashing
    The Protestant Boys still carried the day


  6. Jabba

    3rd Person Aim

    The ability to sprint around in 3rd Person with a reticle in the middle of your screen, allowing you to shoot dead straight is extremely unrealistic. Even more so on horseback, If you wish to fire in third person, giving you the ability to fire quicker, you will take the hit of being less accurate. If you want to actually line up your shot, like you would in real life, you can take a couple seconds to change your POV and aim down the sight for an accurate shot. That fact you think it's "bordering on unplayable" is mind boggling. This isn't a PVP bash like RDO; It's a roleplay server.
  7. Jabba

    3rd Person Aim

    Aim in first person. Problem solved.
  8. Amazing guy and roleplayer. From my first RP experiences with Christian up until the character's death, he never failed to impress me. From his witty remarks to his stupendous reactivity to dynamic roleplay, his character was always extremely enjoyable to be around. I thoroughly enjoyed roleplaying with him in his character's final moments and he had a great send-off. I can only commend the guts and willpower it took to perma-kill his character, it's admirable and the quality of roleplay we want to see in this community. Hopefully his standards will demonstrate to others how important a character's death can be, the impact it has on the server's story and the characters involved. @fracturechris Your character will go down in the server's history and will live on in others roleplay.
  9. I have suggested this verbally a couple times the past few months. I think it would be an amazing illegal job. Graverobbing is a Major Felony, which makes it a serious crime, but less chance of having to get into a shootout. There are a ton of graveyards around the map, criminals would have to sneak in and avoid being seen. Also gives more places for Law to add to their patrols and keep an eye on. Like Katt said, this could also use the Fence, to sell all the heirlooms and jewelerry you acquire graverobbing.
  10. We had a load of fun on RDO, RP'ing running a moonshine business. It would create plenty of RP jobs. To run the operation secretly, under the nose of the law. Performing side deals with saloons, trying to sell it on the side. I agree with QBox here ^^ Content is content. If one faction stops using it or gets caught with it, the development is all ready done and can be picked up by another group of people. It's a great recyclable asset that fits the time period. Another fat PLUS 1 from me.
  11. A fence would be awesome, that would generate some awesome RP. It's a pretty open concept too, it can be used for several things down the line. It also gives more reason for people to perform Highway robberies. It's a fat PLUS 1 from me.
  12. It's always a pleasure to RP with him, however, the RP we had tonight was fucking fantastic! His roleplay during the kidnapping and torture was phenomenal. He demonstrated fear for his character's life, RP'd out all the torture and pain the character went through, and all the mental trauma. I went back and watched Asbonia's stream - The aftermath and the RP of Tucker's mental decline was simply amazing. This is the sort of RP standard I want to see on the server and I have to commend @Vascanti for his effort. I'm very glad you are part of the community and actively play on our RedM server 😀
  13. I fucking love RP'ing with Red Snake. His commitment to character and ability to replicate a Native is phenomenal. Even the little things - like his character's demeanour, naivety to socitiety, his use of language etc. all add to the immersion. I cannot commend his roleplay enough. I'm very glad you are playing on the server dude @RedSnakeInadunai It is an absolute pleasure!
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