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  1. She's a pleasure have in our community ❤️
  2. We’ve been speaking about upping the pay out for some of the crime jobs. Graverobbing was recently introduced and the jobs will always need a balance after we see them in action on a large scale in the server. There’s a redm community meeting this Sunday and we’d love to hear any opinions on how to better balance the server. We always try to take advice when we can on these things when making decisions As for the meta-gaming, did you report it to staff (those who were not involved, if there were any involved)? We always try to get issues sorted ASAP and take the time to investigate.
  3. Looking for our FiveM Whitelist Application so you can hop into some amazing roleplay? You've landed in the right place. It is required that you give our rules a read over before applying. They can be found HERE. *Please note, our minimum age for the Whitelist FiveM server is 18. Once you've read the rules for the server, click "Apply Here" below to be taken to the application. Applications are typically reviewed every day, but it can take up to 48 hours. Your application should be well thought out and detailed or it will be declined. Please do not inquire about your application. If you do, it will result in an immediate decline. You will receive a message on the forums with the status of your application (accepted or declined). Apply Here
  4. Yeah I've been gathering stable coords. There will be some added to Tumbleweed if the building is appropriate for it.
  5. When submitting a bug report, please be prepared to provide details. The details make it easier for our devs to fix the issues. If you have encountered a bug in our server, please use the form HERE to let us know!
  6. We stan our RedM Devs!
  7. Tankwill and Raiwo have been wanting to do this for a while. I'd love to see it as a faction job, where only faction members can access it and not anyone who finds it. It can even be passed from person to person in RP in case those character die or whatever. I'm all for it.
  8. I like this suggestion! Hopefully the devs say it's possible 😄
  9. I think this is a great discussion to have. We definitely need more law on the server and more civilians. We are open to all suggestions on how to make that happen.
  10. Congratulations to Red Snake @RedSnakeInadunai on winning the flag competition! The votes were very close and we had some amazing submissions! Runner Up by Timo: 2nd Place @RedSnakeInadunai: Thank you to everyone who entered!
  11. Unfortunately, RedM is very unstable atm and we don't know what those crashes mean. Only CFX does.
  12. We had a tie with 8 votes between Andromeda: And Thub again!
  13. Tankwill coming in with 12 votes as well!
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