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  1. shut up hybrid

    1. Hybrid


      As you wish master 

  2. happy birthday child 🥳

    1. Hybrid


      Cheers big man 

  3. Happy Birthday! 🥳🎊

    1. Hybrid


      Cheers mate 

  4. Imagine copying my signature @Bally zzz

  5. Happy Birthday n shuuush

  6. Just under 2 months till I’m finally old enough to apply for the police force 🥖

    1. -Sam


      We'll be sure to be ready for that application!

    2. Denzstou
  7. Fix your signature d00d the dashes look soooooooooo ugly 

    1. Stevo


      Il fix your skull with a claw hammer

  8. HBD Bossman

    1. Connor_


      Thank you big ting ❤️

  9. I just want to flex that I’m here before everyone else 🤡

  10. Imagine having 420 in your name kek ?

    1. Snoop The Noob

      Snoop The Noob

      go follow twitch.tv/snoopthenoob420

    2. Hybrid
    3. Alfie420


      Yes Hybrid

  11. Happy Birthday Mate

  12. Happy New Year everyone!

  13. Happy birthday mate

  14. Happy birthday Plaaaaaaank have a good one 

    1. Plaaank


      Cheers pal, have a great christmas! ❤️

  15. Happy bday Tiger have a good one man 

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