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  5. Mr Cummings,enjoying a cigarette Mrs Cummings,watching over the home Smokey the farm dog,they don't call em "mans best friend" for no reason Sign post just outside of Ridgewood Farm Ridgewood Farm 1880,Landscape Photo ___________________________________________________________ So as I can't play RedM right now,due to the bug. I decided to upload some PostCard from my Sheriff's childhood. Hope you all enjoy
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  8. Clyde Lincoln Shutts DOB: 03/08/1870 Age: 28 Clyde Lincoln Shutts grew up on a small Farmstead known as Ridgewood Farm. Located in the state of New Austin. Clyde had two parents,his mother Dora Shutts and his father, Charley Shutts. Dora shutts was an opium addict and Charley died at a young age in a daylight mugging,which led to his Death. It is unknown of the town the residents his parents and Cylde lived in,it is believed to be somewhere within New Austin. However at the age of 6,Cylde was all alone. His father had died several years prior and his mother,as previously mentioned. Hard Addiction to opium,which meant that her attention was very much focused on her addiction and led to the neglect of Clyde. *The 4th of August 1874,At an unknown residents somewhere within New Austin* Cylde decided one day,enough was enough. Enough of this shit that he was witnessing in the unfamiliar residents of his parents home. He began to wander the streets in search of a new life. The highways are a dangerous place to travel for such a young child,he walked and walked. Till his feet could bare it no more,he fell asleep at the side of a road during his travels. He awoke to being carried by a middle aged gentleman,Grey haired and a freckle on his left cheek. Next to this unknown gentleman is a young woman,beautiful. Draped in Agricultural clothing. This unknown couple brought Clyde to a farm,the sign on the front of the warm,was old,worn down. The sign read “Ridgewood Farm”. This unknown couple, brought Clyde into a small farmhouse,watered and fed him. Salted pork and beans,a staple at this small farm. *TWO DAYS LATER* Clyde had finally rested up,he awoke to the two individuals sitting at the end of the small bed he resided on. They introduced themselves as Mr and Mrs Cummings. They did not state their first name. Mr Cummings said to Clyde,”Welcome to Ridgewood Farm,you are safe with us. Just pull your weight around here”. *SOMETIME LATER ON* Clyde began to work on the farm from the age of 6 years old. Helping with all aspects. Feeding the livestock,ensuring that they had everything they needed. He also helped with the housework from time to time,sweeping the floor. Assisting Mrs Cummings with the evening meal,which was the only meal of the day. Mr and Mrs Cummings were not well off,by any sense of the word. However as Clyde mentioned later on in life “They always made ends meet”. At Ridgewood Farm,there were not just 3 residents. Mr and Mrs Cummings,began to bring more and more children to the Farmstead of the years,entailing them to the same offer of work,which was made to Cylde. Upon his arrival there. *3RD OF AUGUST 1888* At this point,Clyde was one of the only residents left at the Farmstead. Mr Cummings had died a few years earlier,due to Heart Failure. Mrs Cummigs is gravely Ill. Clyde was at her bedside *SHE TURNED HER HEAD TO THE LEFT,FACING CLYDE* “Clyde,my dear boy. You must leave me now,It’s time for you to go” Clyde hesitated and pleaded with Mrs Cummings to let him stay,and take care of her. She persisted that it is indeed his time to leave,and make a life for himself. *Clyde Noded*. He kissed her on the forehead and said his goodbyes. Clyde packed up his things,gathered the supplies needed. He then once again,decided that it was, indeed time to hit the open road. Once again, Clyde took one of the horses from the stable located on Ridgewood Farm,strung up his belongings and headed out. For years he had been planning his departure from the Farmstead,incase the day ever came. Several years prior,he found a map. Clyde closed his eyes and placed his finger onto the potential place for his next venture,his finger landed on Valentine. *SOMETIME A FEW MONTHS LATER* Clyde had taken all the money he had earned of the years,and taken residents at a small home with the confines of Valentine. He got the job,working at a local Saloon. Serving Alcohol to the desirable customers that entered. One day on the way home from the Saloon,he stumbled past a poster displayed within the window of the Sheriff's Office. “DEPUTIES WANTED”. Clyde had always stayed on the correct side of the law,never got into any trouble. Clyde decided that he would seek the opportunity. The next day he headed into the Sheriff's office and did exactly that. For the next few years,Clyde worked relentlessly,throwing criminals behind bars and becoming a face to the locals of Valentine. Criminals feared him as a Deputy,but also had his respect. He was always a well spoken man,even to the criminals. 3 years of being a deputy,Clyde was offered the position as Sheriff. As the previous Sheriff had sadly passed away. He jumped at the opportunity and went straight into action *PRESENT DAY * Clyde has been in the position of Sheriff for a few years now,well respected within the community of the town. He is currently still single,and looking for the right woman to bide his company with.
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