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  1. Happy Birthday Chelsea!

    1. QuestionBox


      Thank you!!

  2. FiveM,Forever ❤️

  3. Pure fucking fire 


    1. Snowy


      Never knew you listened to this type of music boss

  4. Always great RP interactions with this dude,he stuck to his character all the way through and it made for great story telling. Hats off to you @fracturechris
  5. agreed,solid character. Always great rp from @saffyra
  6. Solid dude,great RP
  7. Happy Birthday Mate! 

    1. Nitrous XP

      Nitrous XP

      Thank you Jim

  8. Jim

    Happy Birthday Mate

  9. GOAT.


    1. Jim


      The mount rrushmore of wrestling

  10. Great character. a fun experience everytime
  11. Jim


    "Nice to meet you miss"
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